stopthelies – Anwar Ibrahim made a promise that the coming general election would be his last. He will go for a broke, means that if he fails to wrest Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional, his political career will come to an end.

For similar reasons, DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang too will have to proof his worthiness as the party’s supreme leader. Should Pakatan Rakyat fails to make it, he should as well bid farewell to Malaysian politics, for good!

Lim’s dynasty which has been leading DAP for a long, long time might have to face a new threat in the party’s National Congress expected to be held on December 2012.

DAP leaders are so fond of reminding BN about the change of mindset among the rakyat, that the rakyat would like to see changes in Putrajaya. So, DAP members should also be prepared to face similar ambience.

Thus, like it or not, this old dynasty might have to accept the fact that as time evolves, DAP members are beginning to have a change of mind and heart.

Today, iron-fist leadership can no longer guarantee continuous power.

Few of those who are expected to challenge Lim Guan Eng for the Secretary General post include Teng Chang Khim, Speaker for Selangor State Assembly and also a party committee member.

It is no longer a secret that Teng Chang Khim would be among those who got the guts and balls to go against ‘the one way street’, against the tradition set by Lim and Karpal Singh about 30 years ago – that is not to challenge the party’s highest authority!

Teng is said to be leading the group which is beginning to cast lots of doubt on Lim’s dynasty and other DAP higher leaders, especially after they took over Penang from BN in the 12th general election.

Not just about the arrogance among their supreme leaders but also their performance of late. Each of their weakness began to show, especially when their role as the opposition leader didn’t augur well for Malaysians. What they have been doing was to oppose each and every policy the government introduced.

DAP members were hoping for their leaders to play a constructive role at the Parliament but they failed for one reason – to push Anwar up!

In fact, their political cooperation with PAS started with a silent protest from grass root members. However, they began to criticise the leadership openly when leaders like Kit Siang and son Guan Eng did not make any stand on ‘hudud’ law.

Going by political measurement, Chang Khim is getting more influential these days. More and more members are seeing Guan Eng’s speedy escalation in politics as a dangerous sign. To them, if Pakatan wins, Lim’s dynasty would be even more arrogant, making it tougher for others to bring them down.

Lim and his family are well aware of this matter and they are said to be planning for a strategy to safeguard their interest. However, members are getting impatient to see changes to the party leadership. Beside the two Lim, they also want people like Karpal and Tan Seng Giaw out of the picture. Lim may not believe this but come December, he will discover the truth!

Hence, it is not impossible that DAP Congress later this year will become a turning point for Lim Dynasty. This may sound impossible but members – who all the while just nod to his command – will ensure his exit.

Let’s see if Lim can stop them!

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