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The Corrupt Saga of Lim Guan Eng’s RM8 Billion Mega Project in the secret PowerPoint files – Exposing the Mega Cronies behind the scenes (Part 3)

Who is Davy?

DAPInsider-We continue our expose about the massive corruption in Penang – DAP is now very corrupt. All the very preaching and pontificating by Lim Kit Siang has come to nought now that Guan Eng decides to take this giant leap for himself and for the party.


Guan Eng is a very filial son as he was brought up by a strict father and disciplinarian Lim Kit Siang. There was very little laughter in the home when Guan Eng was small. Most of his childhood experiences were bitter and sad and his early adult life was even sadder and bitter as he was imprisoned and also held under ISA once. All these has bred a bitterness in Guan Eng’s heart that will never go away.


Even though he became a Christian, he cannot let go of the bitterness in his heart and he never learnt to forgive. This is a grudge he held against UMNO and he will forever be on a warpath with UMNO and on a vendetta to wreak vengeance, and Guan Eng learned that the best way is to accumulate power via riches and then use the wealthy resources to complete and take revenge against UMNO for all the perceived wrongs they did to him.


Hence, on December 16, when he concluded the discussions on how divide the shares in corruption, Guan Eng has decided to apportion a 10% stake to his daddy, Kit Siang. He knew that would make his daddy’s day – he is a good son – the best son in the family and he gives his daddy the best.

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To those true blue DAP members who are senior enough, please speak to Kit Siang and advise him to admonish his son and stop Guan Eng from embarking onto the slippery slope of corruption.

This is the mission of the DAP Insider as we want to stir up the people of Penang and Malaysia to fight against corruption in the DAP. We must practise what we preach and walk our talk.


Read on more articles coming soon in the DAP insider as we name more names…

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