In a statement made recently by the DAP led Penang state government confirmed that Penang will possess the most expensive highway, the Pan Island Link 1 (PIL-1), spanning a distance of 19.5km for the sum of RM7.5bil. Mathematically, RM385mil will be spent for every kilometre covered – making it the move expensive and is twice more expensive than the nearest on that list, the KIDEX elevated highway set to be built in Selangor.

In response, the DAP led state government stated that there should not be a comparison between the cost of PIL-1 to other highway projects, as every project is unique.

Conveniently, they forgot that principles when slanderous statements were made with regards to the ECRL project, stating that it will cost RM96.8mil per km when in reality only RM79mil per km were spent.

They too forgot how much they dubbed the ECRL as the most expensive in the world, drawing comparison from other different projects? Now the table has turned for DAP, and they now must weather the storm.

Previously, the Penang state government have spent RM220mil in consultation feed for the report of a 20km highway, for a project worth RM2bil – onto which others but the Penang state government thought was exuberant. Based on the same percentage, will the consultation fee of PIL-1 which costs RM7.5bil, be RM825mil?

It is not by coincidence that projects led by Pakatan especially in Penang, are much more expensive in comparison to other projects across Malaysia.

Datuk Eric See-To BNSC Deputy Director

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