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Hot! Ramai Tertipu Dengan Kerajaan Regim DAP Pulau Pinang! Ambiga Dakwa Lim Guan Eng Berbohong!

Ambiga baru nampak Lim Guan Eng ni kaki pembelit dan pembohong? Sejak sekian lama blog ini mendedahkan betapa tokong DAP ini cukup pakar bertaichi ..dan terbukti banyak kali memang kemahiran Lim Guan Eng berbohong tiada tolok bandingan.



Looks like Ambiga and gang has finally experienced first-hand the Tai-Chi skills of Penang CM Lim Guan Eng.

Ambiga is president of the National Human Rights Society (HAKAM) and she released a press statement yesterday exposing Lim Guan Eng’s many spins.

Over the past months, HAKAM had confronted LGE in a series of meetings about the hill-top developments in Penang leading to the numerous “Botak Hills” – which is actually illegal under state law.

But LGE told them as saying that all these developments were approved under the previous BN govt and that the current DAP govt had not approved any such development!

Furthermore, LGE told-off Ambiga’s NGO that comments should be based on facts, adding that Ambiga and gang had fallen into “the misinformation trap set up by BN and some media who are anti-government.”

Typical Tai-chi “Siam” blaming BN tactics of the LGE and DAP which we have experienced numerous times before – but this time Ambiga herself kena!

Ambiga’s NGO soon found out and obtained proof via numerous official sources that LGE was lying and that all these developments were in fact approved by the Penang DAP state govt between 2008 and 2015.

In fact, the DAP state govt had approved some 55 blocks of high rise development on delicate hill lands!

Which is of course a shocker since it is illegal under their own laws in the first place.

In her press statement yesterday, she essentially slammed LGE for attacking her NGO by calling her misinformed and misled by BN’s “lies” .

One tip from me to Ambiga is that she should understand that Penang Govt is under heavy pressure to allow property development – whether hilltops or land reclamation – wherever it can as it needs to fund their growing operating budget deficit since their yearly state expenses have grown a few hundred percent after 2008.

This is especially urgent since Penang EXCO Chow Kon Yeow himself had admitted recently that most of the valuable land owned by the state govt on the Penang Island have already been sold in the past years.

Long-time FB friends of mine would know that I have been posting on these issues including increasing sale of state-land, hilltop developments, land reclamation – all in a mad rush to get money to pay for increasingly boros spending. It is good that Ambiga finally starts to see this.

No choice lah, Auntie Ambiga. If not how to pay every year? BERSIH pay?

And more importantly, please understand that: “This is not Ambiga’s father’s land!”

Read Ambiga’s press statement:

source:Lim Sian See


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