StopTheLies:The talk is that Dear Leader has ordered DAP campaigners and workers from wearing red colour shirts during the elections campaign.

This is because the DAP secretary-general does not want Penangites to poke fun of him over his affair with his former assistant Ng Phaik Kheng aka Rainbow aka Xiao Hong.
Guan Eng, who is known to be super sensitive, thin-skinned and unable to

take criticism, is unhappy that Hong could also mean red colour in Mandarin. So the instructions have already been ordered that the Boss does not want to see any DAP cadre wearing the Red colour.
The problem is that red is part of the party symbol. His ridiculous order, we are told, has upset many party workers, especially the veterans, who think he is making a fuss over a non-issue.

The DAP has a problem – if they can’t use red, they only have blue – which is the BN colour! The last choice is white which is sensitive to the Chinese chauvinists in the DAP as it means surrender and also used for mourning, besides black.

But please do not take our words for this gossip. This report is from which makes no secret of its disdain of the DAP – which professes to be multi-racial but only has token Malay and Indian representations.

It claims to be against hudud – at least only Karpal Singh dares to speak up – but encourages the Chinese voters to put PAS MPs into Parliament – the very party that consistently and openly advocates the setting up of an Islamic state.

The DAP tells its supporters that it wants to kill off Umno – but has never contested against any Umno candidate but instead kills off MCA and Gerakan  Chinese leaders.

The DAP, in short, chooses to kill off Chinese moderates in the government and have them replaced with PAS and PKR leaders – knowing fully well that there are only about 45 Chinese-majority seats!
The DAP, in other ways, is responsible for continuing to reduce the Chinese representation in Parliament.

The DAP, for all its bull shit of practicising multi-ethnicity, has dangerously alienated the non-Chinese population in Penang.

The state government has no economic or housing plans for the Malays and has failed miserably in race relations in the state.

No wonder Dear Leader is now seeing RED all over. Shame on him!

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